Established in the early months of 2020 while the EARTH was at REST.

Specialising in Name and Blessing Ceremonies. 

Celebrate your little one and create lifelong memories for your family and friends. 


Contemplative Naming

Welcome to Earthrest Celebrant Services, located in the North Island of New Zealand. 
We specialise in Name and Blessing Ceremonies. We offer focused contemplation in a blessing unique to your child and the skills needed to plan the event. 
Having pronounced names and blessings for their six children, Ra understands the focused contemplation required in this role. Additionally, Lani has acquired skills in event planning and scriptwriting throughout her career. As you consider this special event for your family, Ra and Lani are the best choice to assist you with this lifelong memory.

Why a Naming Ceremony?

A naming ceremony is a genuine opportunity to introduce and honour your child in a unique and loving way and to 

Acknowledge the child's supporting adults, whether godparents, mentors or guardians.

Share a special experience to mark this important day

in your child's life. 

Create lasting memories by honouring your family, your children and the supportive adults in an engaging way.


Religious or secular, a naming ceremony can be a deeply spiritual experience and provide an opportunity to

connect the fibre of the family.