This Is Us

Ra and Lani Puriri are the parents of six children and grandparents to four. Together they chose special names for their children that would establish a bond to their ancestry. They appreciate the importance of starting the journey of a child through contemplative energy. They look forward to creating a lasting memory for your family. 


Rakaipaka (Ra) Olsen Puriri

Ra is a generous, warm, friendly and approachable person who makes people feel comfortable in a variety of situations. He is of Māori/Samoan/European decent and has a strong affinity for cultural and spiritual values. Ra has experience in the public speaking arena. He recognises the emotion of a given situation and can insert humour, wisdom, sensitivity, etc. when needed. Ra will be officiating your ceremony.  



Laninina (Lani) Scoville Puriri

Lani is kind, gentle, caring, inviting and organised. She is tuned into universal energy and has the ability to create peace in anxious environments. Lani comes from a European heritage and strong cultural and spiritual background. She has 30 years of experience as an event planner. Her career in marketing and public relations afforded opportunities to write copy and create successful advertising campaigns. Lani will assist you with event details and writing your heartfelt script. 

Earthrest Celebrant Services is based in Raglan, New Zealand and we are happy to travel outside of Raglan to celebrate your special ceremony. 

Get in touch with us today to start planning your families unique day.

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Our Purpose

Earthrest Celebrant Services exists to create lasting memories by honouring families, children and supporting adults in a unique and engaging way. 

We provide a unique and memorable experience for families by offering polished skills developed over a lifetime.